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Annual Report on India's National Conditions (2011-2012)


By:Lyu Zhaoyi

Publication Date:2012-11-02

The India Blue Book in 2012 is the first annual report on India's national conditions in China. The report said that since the implementation of a comprehensive economic reform in 1991, India's economic development has made remarkable achievements, economic growth was ac...

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Annual Report on China's Urban-rural Integration(2012)


By:Ru Xin, Fu Chonglan

Publication Date:2012-12-03

Aims to explore the law of the integration in China from the perspective of the balanced development between urban and rural, Annual Report on China's Urban-rural Integration(2012) summarizes the present situation and development trend of the coordinated urban and rural dev...

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By:Xu Deming

Publication Date:2012-12-03

In order to comprehensively review innovation of surveying, mapping and geoinformation in China, and to promote development of surveying, mapping and geoinformation affairs, the Development Research Centre of Surveying and Mapping of National Administration of Surveying, Ma...

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Annual Report on Competitiveness of China's Commercial Bank


By:Wang Songqi

Publication Date:2013-12-02

This report based on the performance of Chinese banking industry in 2011, analyzed and appraised the relative competitiveness of National Commercial Banks(NCBs) and City Commercial Banks (CCBs) and their features, bringing forward some of the problems which need to be settled in...

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Annual Report on China’s Pharmaceutical Market (2012)


By:Cheng Jinzhui, Zhu Hengpeng

Publication Date:2012-12-03

In this book, an all-round analysis has been conducted on China’s pharmaceutical market, based on a series of solid collection of data, including the micro data on China’s pharmaceutical manufacturers between the years 2004 and 2008, provincial level data on medical...

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Annual Report on International Politics and Security (2013)


By:Li Shenming, Zhang Yuyan

Publication Date:2012-12-25

This book is the thirteenth volume in the series of annual reports on the international situation. The purpose of the thirteen volumes is to describe and analyze the international political and security situations and to attempt to make corresponding predictions. This volume con...

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