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Blue Book of Outbound Investment and Risks—Report on China’s Outbound Direct Investment and Risks (2017)


By:Zhang Ming

Publication Date:2017-6-20 15:4:49

The book consists of five parts, including general report, macroscopic studies, regional studies, monographic studies of investment and monographic studies of risks. General report provides a comprehensive and general description of the overall situation, major risks and pol...

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Annual Report On China’s Outbound Direct Investment and Host Country Risks (2017 )


By:Guanghua Feng

Publication Date:2017-6-16 14:36:8

Preface I  by Yuyan Zhang Preface II by Guanghua Feng   Part I General Report- China’s Outbound Investment: Current Condition, Risks and Policy Response Chapter 1 Retrospect and Prospect of China’s Outbound DirectInvestment (ODI) in 2015-2017 Desc...

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Reviewing and Reconsidering the History of Sino-Soviet Relations 1917-1991


By:Shen Zhihua

Publication Date:2017-06-01

Sino-Soviet relations are among the most important bilateral relations in the history of the 20th century. This book makes use of recently declassified Russian and Chinese archival documents, as well as Eastern European, American and other related fields of studies. This monogra...

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China’s Investment to Latin American Oil


By:Dr. Zhou Nan

Publication Date:2017-06-01

Based on the Eclectic Theory of International Production and other relative secondary theories, the book breaks down the mechanism and external conditions of ownership-specific advantages and internalization advantages, combining the experience from the developed countrie...

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China’s Surrounding Environment Review in 5-10 Years


By:Prof. Li Xiangyang

Publication Date:2017-06-01

  Constructing a good surrounding environment is vital for China’s political and social stability and economic sustainable development, and also is a premise of China’s rising and peaceful development. The book gives an in-depth analysis of China’s eco...

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China-US Strategies on Clean Energy Cooperation in the Context of Acting on Address Climate Change


By:Dr. Xu Hongfeng

Publication Date:2017-05-01

The trend of Sino-US relations in 21 Century is increasingly determined by the trend of economic relations between the two countries, and the trend of economic relation between the two countries is closely related to the adjustment of new economic pattern caused by clean energy. In t...

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