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Blue Book of Outbound Investment and Risks—Report on China’s Outbound Direct Investment and Risks (2017)


By:Zhang Ming

Publication Date:2017-6-20 15:4:49

The book consists of five parts, including general report, macroscopic studies, regional studies, monographic studies of investment and monographic studies of risks. General report provides a comprehensive and general description of the overall situation, major risks and pol...

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Report on Promoting Integrity and Combating Corruption in China No.6


By:Zhang Yingwei

Publication Date:2017-01-01

The general report examines the China’s efforts to combat corruption in 2016 from six parts, includes anti-corruption, the implementation of penalty system and execution supervising mechanism, the restrictions on public power, the reg...

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Annual Report on Silk Road Economic Belt (2017)


By:Ren Zongzhe

Publication Date:2017-01-01

The report introduces the state of, and gives an analysis of the overall development along the Silk Road Economic Belt. There are seven parts to this volume. Part I examines the overall development of the areas, China-Pakistan economic corridor, the New Eurasian Land Bridge, and the...

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Annual Report on China’s Global Communication (2016)


By:Hu Zhengrong

Publication Date:2017-01-01

The report is the third book in the series on global communication. Project managed by National Centre for Cultural Innovation Research in Communication University of China (NCCIR), and compiled by senior professionals, scholars and experts from China and the rest of world. The pr...

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Annual Report on China’s Education-oriented Poverty Reduction (2016)


By:Si Shujie

Publication Date:2017-01-01

The report focuses on the major social issues and concerns, giving a systematic review of the development of project, major achievements, key policies, specific issues and experience in education-oriented poverty reduction, from the perspectives of combing education and pover...

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World Economy Analysis and Forecast (2017)


By:Zhang Yuyan

Publication Date:2017-01-01

In 2016, China’s economic growth slowed further, and the growth of its labor market slowed markedly. Commodity prices bottomed out, but still operating in the low price, the global price level has rebounded, while the deflation pressure dropped. International trade has bec...

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