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Society of China Analysis and Forecast (2014)


By:Li Peilin, Chen Guangjin ,Zhang Yi

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2013-12-16


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Table of contents:

About the author(s):


This is the 2014 Annual Report (Blue Book of China’s Society) by the Research Group on “The Analysis and Forecast of China’s Social Development”, issued by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). Researchers and scholars from various research institutions, universities and government departments report on statistical data released by the government or social science surveys. This project is organized by the Institute of Sociology at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Based on the main spirit of the third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), which highlights the theme of “deepening reform and opening up in an all-around way”, the report systematically summarizes the significant achievements China has made in economic and social development. The report points out that, at this decisive stage, China needs on one hand to continue its effort in adjusting its economic structure, keeping the momentum of stable economic growth, tackling the problem of income inequality, and preventing the risk of widening income gap between urban and rural residents. On the other hand, the government also needs to pay more attention to adjusting the current employment structure, improving the social security system, and promoting the equal distribution of public services. Furthermore, it is essential for the government to improve social development quality and people’s well-being, resolve the resistance to social system reform, and emphasize the importance of the modernization of social governance.

“Deepening reform in an all-around way” will become the new engine of China’s economic and social development. Currently, the turning point of the economic downturn has yet to arrive, and there is room for industrial structure adjustment, which is accompanied by the limitation on environment capacity. As a result, social fairness and social justice become the main issue in today’s society. According to “the Decision on Major Issues Concerning Comprehensive Reform Plan of the CPC Central Committee”, China will promote the modernization of its governance system and governance capacity, which include the modernization of administrative system and social governance system. Also, China will promote reform-oriented development and employment. At the same time, the advancement of income distribution reform, social security reform, medical and healthcare reform, education reform, cultural reform, and reform in other areas, will stimulate the rise in income and consumption for urban and rural residents, and ensure people’s well-being. Furthermore, the reform plan will construct a system securing social fairness and justice, enhancing the well-being of urban and rural residents in both objective and subjective aspects, which are necessary for realizing the Chinese Dream.

Based on the aforementioned understanding, the reports in the book present detailed discussion on the following issues: fair payment and employment situation; old-age support and social security system, living arrangement for and health condition of the elderly population; medical service and new medical reform; education reform and the development of an equal education system; employment and social attitude of university graduates; fairness and justice of income distribution, people’s quality of life and the evaluation of social development quality;improvement of employment situation and the prosperity of privately-owned businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises; challenges posed by internet-based public opinion in the area of social governance.

This book, on one hand, builds the discussion on the foundation of reliable survey data and official statistics, and on the other hand, offers comprehensive and insightful analysis and opinions on various social problems, accompanied by practical reference and policy recommendations.