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REPORT ON CHINA-EU RELATIONS(2014):Reassessing China-EU Comprehensive Strategic Partnership


By:Zhou Hong

Publication Date:2013-12-01

In order to understand the progress of China-EU Strategic Partnership in the past ten years and to explore its future direction,REPORT ON CHINA-EU RELATIONS(2014) first makes a comprehensive review of the relations between China and the EU from the perspectives of politics, econo...

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Annual Report On Development Of Public Sports Service In China (2013)


By:Dai Jian

Publication Date:2013-12-01

Annual Report on Development of Public Sports Services in China(2013) is the first comprehensive national annual report on the development of public sports service in China. The report reveals the internal rules of the construction of China’s public sports services...

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Report on Global Environmental Competitiveness(2013)


By:Li Jianping, Li Minrong, Wang Jinnan, Huang Maoxing

Publication Date:2013-12-13

This book constructed a comparatively scientific and thorough world environmental competitiveness evaluation index system and mathematical model. Through comprehensive, deep and scientific overall evaluation and comparative analysis of 133 countries’ environment...

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Annual Report on Social Organizations'Evaluation in China(2013)


By:Xu Jialiang, Liao Hong

Publication Date:2013-12-31

This book is the cooperation results from the School of International and Public Affairs,Center for the Third Sector Studies,Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Ministry of Civil Affairs Administration of Non-organizations. The Report shows the current trend and future dire...

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Annual Report on Social Development of Beijing (2012-2013)


By:Dai Jianzhong

Publication Date:2013-12-11

This Blue Book is mainly written by the researchers of Beijing Academy of Social Sciences, alongside scholars from the local government, social organizations and universities in Beijing. The book includes six sections: General Report, Social Structure, Social Development, Soc...

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Annual Report on Overseas Chinese Study (2013)


By:Qiu Jin

Publication Date:2013-12-30

The Blue Book of Overseas Chinese of 2013 incorporates research findings in relation to the overseas Chinese language educations and the livelihood of overseas Chinese. The book covers recent research from all continents, highlighting neighboring countries including Southeas...

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