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Annual Report on China's Philanthropy Development (2020)


By:Yang Tuan, Zhu Jiangang

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2020-08-06


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About the author(s):


The year of 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China and a crucial year for the comprehensive construction of a prosperous society.Facing the complex and ever-changing situation at home and abroad,the degree of legalization,specialization,and systematization of China’s charity has been further strengthened.
The entire civil charity has been further incorporated into the national governance system in 2019,indicating the overall characteristic of “governance embracing charity”,which is manifested at the national level,the market level,and the social level.Charity began to become a part of the national governance system and serve for the strategic objectives of national governance.The nation and society are transforming into a unified,complex,and uncertain mutual embedding relationship.Corporate social responsibility and impact investment are crucial means of corporate philanthropy with technology-oriented goodness,which has gradually become trendy,however disputable.Under the status where the existence of civil charity is squeezed by the government and business,the internet-based philanthropic self-organization among young people began to shine,and strive to solve social problems in a socially innovative way.Charity should be able to form different reactions and practices in response to government,business,and society.
In 2019,the total number of social organizations in China was 867000,including 372000 social organizations,487000 private non-enterprise units(social service organizations),and 7580 foundations,representing an increase of 1.64%,9.68%,and 7.76% over 2018,respectively.From September 1,2016 to August 31,2019,a total of 5511 charitable organizations have been legally registered and certified by Civil Affairs departments nationwide.Among them,1260 have successfully obtained the qualification certificate for fundraising from the public.On the government-approved platform for fundraising filling,12641 programs from 673 charitable organizations conducted filling for public fundraising and information disclosure.273 charitable trusts were filed and the value of trust property was CNY 2.935 billion.In 2019,524 overseas non-governmental organizations’ representative offices have been registered to conduct activities in China,and 2441 temporary activities were put on record.
Volunteer service has a substantial breakthrough in 2019.It is promoted to the height of the essential symbol of social civilization progress,and it will keep the same pace with the modernization of national social governance and the Two Centenary Goals.In 2019,the total number of real-name registered volunteers in China reached 169 million,and the cumulative total of volunteer service hours was 2.268 billion,representing an increase of 13.9% and 3.2% over 2018,respectively.
The data of charitable donation and social resources gathering is slightly declined.In“Blue Book of Philanthropy:Annual Report on China’s Philanthropy Development”,we always calculate the total value of social charity by adding the total amount of social donations,the imputed value of hours of voluntary services contributed nationwide,and welfare lottery fund.Relevant calculation data indicates that total value of social charity in 2019 is CNY 337.4 billion,representing a 0.97% decrease over 2018.Among them,the total amount of social donations in 2019 is anticipated to reach CNY 133 billion,the imputed value of hours of voluntary services is CNY 90.359 billion; donations from welfare lottery fund is CNY 114.046 billion,representing an increase of 4.72%,9.7%,and-13.18% respectively over 2018.In the first half of 2019,20 internet public fundraising platforms designated by the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued more than 17000 fundraising information for over 1400 charity organizations with qualification of public fundraising nationwide,and received 5.26 billion of clicks,page views,and participation,raised over CNY 1.8 billion.In 2019 “99 Giving Day”,there are more than 48 million people donated CNY 1.783 billion via Tencent charity platform,and over 2500 companies have totally donated CNY 307 million.The total donation of 99 Giving Day is CNY 2.49 billion.
Charity practices continue to promote diversified expansion and cross-border integration.Political construction of the Party in social organizations is under high-quality development.The reform of the philanthropy administration departments continues to deepen.The Department of Charity Promotion and Social Work of the Ministry of Civil Affairs has been reestablished,along with the newly established Department of Child Welfare.The function of charity becomes prominent in the third distribution.In the fields of poverty alleviation,emergency rescue,caring for education,medical assistance,and community service,charitable organizations prompt resources and wealth to a more balanced microcirculation among different social groups.Enterprises with technology-oriented goodness and corporate philanthropy are just unfolding,Lu Weiding,the chairman of Wanxiang Group,donated funds to establish the Luguanqiu Wanxiang Business Fund,which attracted worldwide attention.
In 2019,China’s charity has also encountered unpredictable negatives.Numerous philanthropy-related events have been disputed by public,for example,the controversy of Shuidichou,which is an individual medical assistance crowdfunding platform; Deyunshe folk art performance group fundraised millions of donations; charitable organizations altered their use of donation without any authorization; and the credibility of philanthropic awards.Additionally,although the number of social organizations continues to grow in 2019,the increase rates of social groups,foundations,and private non-enterprise units have declined significantly.
These problems arising in the process of development of China’s charity need to be profoundly reflected by whole community and society.In the ever-changing future,what to insist on,what to abandon,what to change,and what to innovate?
The practitioners of philanthropy cannot be without resolution and broad-mindedness,a long way to go.