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Fleeing One Homeland and Adopting Another


By:Zhang Jinpeng

Publisher:Peter Lang International Academic Publishing Group


Publication Date:2024-02-02


2433 1000

Table of contents:

About the author(s):


This book focuses on the Han Chinese (mainly former Kuomintang troops and their family members as well as descendants) and cross-border ethic tribes (mainly Lahu people) of Yunnan origin now living in Meilianghe Village (Ban Huay Nam Khun) in northern Thailand. It is an ethnographic study of how this special group of people left Yunnan Province in Southwest China, migrated to northern Thailand via Myanmar, and underwent various survival predicaments before submitting to Thailand as its citizens. By analyzing multiple factors such as political events, state institutions, economic systems, and cultural influences related to these people’s escaping from one country and submitting to another country, this book explores the political and cultural dimensions required for the construction of state identity.