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Social Construction in Contemporary China (Series on Contemporary China)


By:by Xueyi Lu (Author)

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2017-07-01


1502 1000

Table of contents:

About the author(s):


Placing the modernization of China in a historical context, Social Construction in Contemporary China provides a powerful argument that social construction is instrumental for the country's modernization process and a key factor in China’s national rejuvenation. A wide range of topics and issues related to social construction are covered, including people's livelihood and social undertakings, income distribution, urban and rural communities, community organizations, social management, social norms, reforms of social institutions and systems, social restructuring and the process of social construction. In addition to well-informed and insightful analyses of these subjects that draw on the country's historical experiences, contributors also provide policy suggestions on how to tackle problems and respond to challenges. Its breadth and depth make this volume a valuable addition to the growing body of literature on this important topic.