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Chinese Research Perspectives on Population and Labor, Volume 3: Policy Changes for the Goals of 2020 (Chinese Research Perspectives / Chinese Research Perspective)


By:Cai Fang

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press

ISBN: 978-9004342149

Publication Date:2017-04-06


1491 1000

Table of contents:

About the author(s):


This volume is based on Green Book of Population and Labor 2014, originally published in Chinese. Four large topics are covered: current conditions of and outlook for migrant workers, the emergence of the reform dividend, construction of the social security system and labor market development. Chapter One examines the number, employment situation and income among migrant workers. In chapter Two to Four, contributors discuss significance of reforms of the household registration and the education system. The two chapters on social security focus on efforts to build and strengthen the pension and medical insurance systems, basic public services. Some theoretical and practical issues related to labor market development are discussed in the final two chapters. Policy suggestions are provided in this volume. Chinese Research Perspectives on Population and Labor is a co-publication between Brill and Social Sciences Academic Press (China).