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Chinese Research Perspectives on Society, Volume 1


By:Lu Xueyi, Li Peilin



Publication Date:2013-01-01


0914 1000

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Chinese Research Perspectives on Society, (formerly the China Society Yearbook) Volume 1 continues the tradition of presenting precise and venerable academic principles by compiling the findings of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ subject research group for the “Analysis and Forecast of the Social Situation”. The focus of the research group centered around three themes for 2010-2011. The first theme focuses on the main tasks China is undertaking during its new stage of reform and development after the recent international financial crisis. The second focus is on how to remedy the many social contradictions and challenges that are complicating the economic and social developments of China, such as the disparity between urban and rural incomes. Finally, the group addressed the new engine of China’s rapid economic and social development, urbanization, while highlighting the important national development targets of eradicating the dualistic urban and rural structure as well as integrating urban and rural development.

Written by contributors from professional research and survey organizations, universities, and related governmental sections, Chinese Research Perspective on Society, Volume 1 provides an excellent resource for those interested in current societal changes in China.