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Chinese Research Perspectives on Educational Development, Volume 1


By:Yang Dongping



Publication Date:2013-02-01


0913 1000

Table of contents:

About the author(s):


The first volume of the English-language Chinese Research Perspectives on Educational Development (formerly The China Educational Development Yearbook offers international scholars a glimpse into key issues in Chinese education today from the perspective of Chinese academics, practitioners, and applied researchers. This volume starts with an excellent overview of educational developments in 2010, which witnessed the formulation of theOutline of China’s National Plan for Medium and Long Term Educational Reform and Development 2010-2020.
With the formulation of the Outline and the start of implementation in 2011, China saw progress by the government, at all levels, in prioritizing educational development. Scholars and practitioners discuss the significance of the Outline and its implications on the development and reform of pre-school education, basic education and higher education. In addition, this volume provides timely surveys and research on a variety of topics from government’s investment in education to the mental health of Elementary and Secondary school teachers and students.

Chinese Research Perspectives on Educational Development, Volume 1 informs the Western readers of the current educational development in policy, practice, and research in China.

Chinese Research Perspectives on Educational Development is a co-publication of Brill and Social Sciences Academic Press (China).