Annual Report on the Development of the Indian Ocean Region (2017)-2017-18-Yearbook-SOCIAL SCIENCES ACADEMIC PRESS(CHINA)
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Annual Report on the Development of the Indian Ocean Region (2017)


By:Wang Hong

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2017-07-03


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The book, themed “Belt and Road and South Asia”, gives an exposition of the current state of international relations in the Indian Ocean region. A number of special reports are devoted to a discussion of the thinking behindtheproposal to buildthe China-Nepal-India economic corridor, the current state and development outlook for the Belt and Road Initiative, the impact of South Asia’s security on the initiative’s implementation, and the geopolitical landscape of South Asia. In addition, the volume includes several reports that look closely at individual nations. Readers can expect to be updated on the latest development in China-Pakistan economic and trade cooperation, and in China’s relationship with Bangladesh and Myanmar.