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By:Yin Yungong

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2011-7-6 10:35:15


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2010 was the great symbolic year in the history of the development of new media. Internet and mobile phones and other new media continued to triumph. With the depth of penetration of Internet to the society, there was a rapid development of new media in the world. New media “revolution” continued to proceed. Major event in the field of new media happened frequently. New media development experienced with a qualitative leap.

From global perspective, China’s new media emerged in 2010, Chronology of the development of three important features: New media highlighted Chinese characteristics and national character. In the socialization, development trend of integration, new media played a role of the mainstream. The ordering of Popularity was appearing.

There are a large number of Internet users exceeded 20 billion in 2010 and more than 50 billion mobile phone users worldwide. With more than 450 million Internet users and near 900 million mobile phone users, China began to become a truly global superpower new media users.

A breakthrough was made in China’s tri-networks integration. Social networking sites, microblogging, news sites, new media of audio and video, mobile newspapers, electronic books and other paper forms of new media have developed rapidly. With the Phenomenon of new media economy, the network of democracy, new media color revolutions, ideological warfare in network, e-government, e-commerce, Internet buzzword of the“hot”, new media penetrate deeply to political, economic, cultural and military fields.