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Annual Report On China’s Outbound Direct Investment and Host Country Risks (2017 )


By:Guanghua Feng

Publication Date:2017-6-16 14:36:8

Preface I  by Yuyan Zhang Preface II by Guanghua Feng   Part I General Report- China’s Outbound Investment: Current Condition, Risks and Policy Response Chapter 1 Retrospect and Prospect of China’s Outbound DirectInvestment (ODI) in 2015-2017 Desc...

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China’s Investment to Latin American Oil


By:Dr. Zhou Nan

Publication Date:2017-06-01

Based on the Eclectic Theory of International Production and other relative secondary theories, the book breaks down the mechanism and external conditions of ownership-specific advantages and internalization advantages, combining the experience from the developed countrie...

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China-US Strategies on Clean Energy Cooperation in the Context of Acting on Address Climate Change


By:Dr. Xu Hongfeng

Publication Date:2017-05-01

The trend of Sino-US relations in 21 Century is increasingly determined by the trend of economic relations between the two countries, and the trend of economic relation between the two countries is closely related to the adjustment of new economic pattern caused by clean energy. In t...

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A Preliminary Study on the New Normal of China's Economy


By:Wang Jun

Publication Date:2017-5-17 10:13:59

Based on the general background of international economic changes and China’s macroeconomic development, this book has created the analysis framework of the “New Normal” of China’s economy, demonstrated the features and connotation of the "New...

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Introduction to the City of Wisdom


By:Li Chunhua

Publication Date:2017-5-17 10:7:46

This book is devoted to the analysis of the three main financial crises that have marked this century: 2001 Argentina’s defaulting on its external debt, the American subprime crisis in 2008, and the current European debt crisis in Europe. The book pursues three major objectiv...

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The Discussion on the Transformation of Agriculture of Great Power


By:Chen Shengwen

Publication Date:2017-05-01

The book covers six main parts. Part 1 is the introduction. The author proposes the research background of accelerating the agricultural development models in the construction of “Two-oriented” society, and states the research significance, literature reviews at...

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