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Annual Report On China’s Outbound Direct Investment and Host Country Risks (2017 )


By:Guanghua Feng

Publisher:Social Sciences Academic Press


Publication Date:2017-6-16 14:36:8


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Table of contents:

About the author(s):


Preface I  by Yuyan Zhang

Preface II by Guanghua Feng


Part I General Report- China’s Outbound Investment: Current Condition, Risks and Policy Response

Chapter 1 Retrospect and Prospect of China’s Outbound DirectInvestment (ODI) in 2015-2017

Description: China’s ODI grew rapidly in this period and has become the 2nd largest foreign direct investment source country after US. 3 issues of ethnic and religious conflicts, changes in geopolitical pattern and unbalanced global economic growth have raised more challenges of country risks.   

Part II Macroscopic Studies

Chapter 2 Review and Outlook of Host Country Risks Faced by Chinese Enterprises in “Global Outreach” in 2015-2017

Description: ODI growth trends have differential impacts on different industries. China’s ODI destinations have its patterns and investors have become more verified including central state owned, state owned and privately owned enterprises. Due to regulatory reasons, China’s pace of ODI is expected to slow down in 2017.

Chapter 3 Retrospect and Prospect of Global Country Risks

Description: Retrospective and comparative analysis of the risks in politics, business environment and exchange worldwide in 2016; prospective analysis of global country risks in 2017 regarding terrorism, nationalism, exclusionism, bulk commodity process and global monetary policy.

Part III Regional Studies

Chapter IV Retrospect and Prospect of China’s Investment in “The Belt and Road” Area

Description: Analysis of China ODI’s distribution in geographies and industries. As result of the growth of economic cooperation in “The Belt and Road” area, the trend will remain in 2017.

Chapter V Retrospect and Prospect of Country Risks in “The Belt and Road” Area

Description: Analysis of changes in the political, economic and social aspects of “The Belt and Road” countries. The changes have led to increases of business risks.

Chapter VI Retrospect and Prospect of China’s Investment in the Region of Latin America

Description: China’s ODI in Latin America has been largely differentiated by countries and industries. Details of current investment situation and future development are analyzed here.

Chapter VII Retrospect and Prospect of Country Risks in Latin America

Description: Latin American politics are changing and the economics are deteriorating. Many other issues such as exchange, relationship between Latin America and US, inflation rate, credibility of government etc have raised the complications of China’s investment situation.

Part IV Monographic Studies of Investment

Chapter 8 Retrospect and Prospect of China’s Outbound Mergers and Acquisitions

Description: China’s outbound mergers and acquisitions are growing rapidly since the world financial crisis in 2008. This chapter has analyzed the characteristics, motivations and issues of China’s M&A.

Chapter 9 Current Condition and Trend of China’s Outbound Greenfield Investment

Description:  Perspectives of China’s outbound Greenfield investment in industry structure, regional distribution, nature of investors and source region as well as the overall situation.

Chapter 10 Review and New Development of China’s Bilateral Investment Treaties

Description: Review of China’s BITs practices, especially of the most important treaties. Introduces the progress of BIT negotiations between China , US and Europe.

Part V Monographic Studies of Risks

Chapter 11 Outbound Operating Risks of Chinese E&C Enterprises-Based on Case Analysis

Description: Focuses on outbound investment of Chinese engineering contracting enterprises. As the national economic risks vary among the “B&R” countries, detailed analysis was made in this industrial section.

Chapter 12 The Environmental Risks Facing Chinese Enterprises’ Outbound Investment - Based on Case Analysis

Description: Host countries has strengthened environmental protection measures which has increased the operational risks for Chinese outbound investment. Introduction of environment risks and the disadvantages Chinese enterprises are facing are presented in this chapter.

Chapter 13 Global Capital Flow, Changes in Bulk Commodity Prices and Sovereign Credit Risk in Emerging Market/Countries – A History Perspective

Description: Introduction of the history of sovereign debt crisis in emerging markets/countries and the key factors as well as the mechanism of the sovereign credit crisis.