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Chinese Youth Development Report Released

By: 2013-06-13

The Social and Sciences Academic Press recently published the "2013 Youth Development Report" on China's youth. According to the report, 'new urban migrants', a youth group with the latest knowledge, different and more international v...

Most grads in 2012 work in private SMEs

By:ECNS 2013-06-09

Nearly half of the fresh graduates in 2012 found jobs in small- and medium-sized private enterprises, according to a blue book on graduate employment released on Sunday.

Top 10 Events in Chinese Philanthropy in 2012

By:Helen Li 2013-06-05

On May 31, 2013, Chinese Academy of Social Science released its annual bluebook Chinese Philanthropy Development Report 2013 in Beijing. Besides the giving statistics in 2012 and essays on Chinese nonprofits and philanthropy, the book...

Chinese charities struggling to restore trust: report

By:Xinhua 2013-06-01

The Annual Report on China's Philanthropy Development 2013 said the "Guo Meimei incident" in 2011 exposed multiple problems in the RCSC's management, triggering a credit crisis for the country's charity circle, and that its influence s...

Why Chinese College Graduates Aren't Getting Jobs

By: 2013-05-23

Despite a still-thriving economy, university graduates struggle to overcome an employment market increasingly skewed to the well-born and the well-connected.

6.99 million college grads to hit market in China this year

By:China.org.cn 2013-05-20

This year, nearly 6.99 million students will graduate from college, an increase of 190,000 compared with 2012. This number is the highest since the People's Republic of China was founded in 1949.