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Retirement homes no longer a concept

By:Li Wenfang 2014-10-20

Australian retirement property management company Independent Management Group wants to be the prime mover and flag bearer of what it believes is an industry with huge potential in China. "It is a nascent sector with lots of promise. Reti...

HK chief says reform must not abandon law

By:KAHON CHAN 2014-10-14

Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying maintained that the city government will not talk to student protesters "for the sake of talking", since the Basic Law provisions and decisions of the top legislature cannot be abandoned to meet t...

Big believer in real estate now a skeptic due to sluggish sales

By:Hu Yuanyuan 2014-10-11

When the economy slows, housing sector slackens too, tycoon says. Real estate tycoon Ren Zhiqiang never seems to be afraid to air his views, often in strong terms, and when he airs them, a lot of people sit up and take notice. But one of Ren's re...

Lack of doctors hampers reform

By: 2014-10-09

Up-and-coming private hospitals in China's overburdened public healthcare system are trying to cure a shortage of doctors, which could dent the country's reform drive just as private investors are getting interested. The healthcare s...

Silver hair industry about to boom

By:Zheng Jinran 2014-09-26

The domestic market for providing essential services and products for the aging population is estimated to be worth 4 trillion yuan ($651 billion) in 2014, or 8 percent of GDP, but it will climb to 33 percent of GDP in 2050, according to the Ch...

China ranks most competitive localities

By:Editor: Zhu Ningzhu 2014-09-25

Two coastal provinces, Jiangsu and Guangdong, together with Beijing, were ranked among the three most economically competitive localities on the Chinese mainland in 2012, according to a blue paper released on March,2014. The blue pape...